Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis Facilitates Launch of Adherence Program

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA manufacturer was evaluating a pilot program with a major pharmacy chain to increase adherence through pharmacist counseling coupled with a copay reduction program. The project goal was to determine if the program’s estimated ROI would be satisfactory and to create a business case analysis to receive approval to launch the program.
PHSI SolutionUsing experience from previous adherence programs along with data provided by the pharmacy chain, a ROI analysis was tailored specifically for the proposed program. PHSI identified intervention metrics and the potential number of patients eligible for the program based on the inclusion criteria agreed upon. PHSI estimated fixed and variable program costs and a calculated ROI for the manufacturer.
ResultsThe business case analysis and ROI analysis allowed the manufacturer to go forward with the program and secure funding from the brand team based upon the expected program costs.