Online Listening Leads to Manufacturer Mitigating Inaccurate Information

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
“Individuals used social media to seek advice about medication use… Manufacturers who are aware of these concerns [identified by social listening] can set themselves apart by addressing them.”1
ProblemA brand pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to better understand how their newly launched first-in-class product was being described online. Of particular concern to the client was whether the information available on third-party websites aligned with the Prescribing Information (PI).
PHSI SolutionPHSL conducted this Online Listening activity by identifying target search terms and regularly reviewing a variety of websites, both prescriber/HCP-focused, as well as patient-focused sites. PHSL tracked and presented the weekly findings to the client, uncovering not only any discrepancies with the product’s Prescribing Information, but also reporting upon additional findings related to prescriber and patient product satisfaction and concerns. The rigor that PHSL applies to Online and Social Listening goes beyond generic algorithms, web crawlers, or bots; our pharmacist consultants customize the online and social listening project to our client’s needs, utilizing our industry expertise to analyze the findings for meaningful, more nuanced insights at every step.
ResultsWith the information garnered from this social listening project, PHSL identified opportunities to draft communications to correct errors and address omissions where applicable, allowing the manufacturer to mitigate the impact of any inaccurate information. PHSL also created a customized and comprehensive Online Listening Roadmap for the client. This roadmap included:
  • Quarterly assessments to monitor site error corrections and updates
  • Developing a process to provide consistent site updates beyond the usual drug information destinations like pricing & clinical compendia
  • Presenting HCPs with sources reporting accurate information and/or positive impressions from patients and providers

1 Keller MS, Mosadeghi S, Cohen ER, Kwan J, Spiegel BMR. Reproductive Health and Medication Concerns for Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Thematic and Quantitative Analysis Using Social Listening. J Med Internet Res 2018;20(6):e206 Available: