Client Selects Copay Reduction Program

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA major brand pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to understand different copay reduction programs that decrease patients’ out-of-pocket costs for a medication. The manufacturer wanted to understand program options, how they work, and tactics that help improve sales.
PHSI SolutionPHSI provided information about copay reduction programs and standard restrictions. PHSI explained the logistics of the programs, which parties are involved in the process, and the typical costs. Process flow diagrams were created to supplement the written explanation. Vendors for each type of program were identified, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each program type. PHSI provided insights regarding the programs from the perspectives of the patient, physician, pharmacist, and the payer. A comprehensive chart of the program types was developed so that the different features could be easily compared and contrasted by the manufacturer's brand teams.
ResultsThe pharmaceutical manufacturer learned about different copay reduction programs and made an informed decision regarding which type of copay reduction program best suited their individual product needs.