Health Systems Seeks Insight on Increasing Biosimilar Adoption Rate

IndustryHealth System
ProblemA client was seeking data analysis to evaluate and forecast whether increasing their use of biosimilars would lower their cost of providing services across different lines of business. The client needed a financial model estimating if the switch to biosimilars would be beneficial across their health system.
PHSI SolutionPHSL used multiple processes to analyze and compare biosimilar data with innovator products. PHSL reviewed quarterly pricing changes, reimbursement models, and ASP value trends to provide an estimated model for the client to measure the impact of biosimilar adoption, which also considered the impact of rebates.
ResultsPHSL’s projected model indicated that increasing biosimilar usage can be beneficial to the health system. The model gave the client insight by line of business where biosimilars could generate savings and assisted management to determine the future strategic direction.