What’s Covered App

What’s Covered app is the only official Medicare coverage app by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This free app allows the user to understand the items and services covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. Intended users are anyone covered by Medicare for their health care benefits, with the target population being people 65 years and older. Available languages include English and Spanish.

Whats Covered

When first opening the app, users can search for an item or service on the home screen. At the bottom of the home screen, there is an option to browse all items and services built into the app. Preventative services, such as bone mass measurements, diabetes screenings, flu shots and more, are provided to Medicare covered patients at no cost and can be browsed separately.  These services are denoted by an apple icon.

After finding the item or service the user is looking for, a page will appear and show if the item or service is covered by Medicare. Covered items or services will have a large green check mark followed by “covered”, and non-covered items or services will have a large red X followed by “not covered.” For covered items or services, the user can read if it is covered through Part A or B, and who is eligible. After the coverage section, there is an explanation about cost for the item or service, including information about copayments, deductibles or coinsurance. Lastly, there are additional notes about the item or service and where to get more information.

The app does not include information on Medicare Advantage Plans, standalone Medicare Part D plans, other Medicare health plans, or Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) coverage. It does not include a CPT code search, exact costs for surgeries or procedures, or local coverage decisions.

The What’s Covered app is currently available for free on both iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Posted: June 2019