KnowYourMeds App

Keeping track of information and directions that go along with health conditions and medications can be very overwhelming. From knowing when and how to take medications to making sure not to run out of refills, apps can often be a useful tool to keep track of everything. KnowYourMeds is a free app that helps patients record their vitals, set pill reminders, monitor for drug interactions and side effects, and stay up to date on the latest health information. KnowYourMeds is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, and the app contains multiple sections that help patients manage their medications, conditions, and overall health. The app is also very user-friendly. It contains a home page where all of the patient’s medication reminders are listed, and it allows the patient to check off when they have taken a medication. In the bottom corner of the home page, there is a “plus sign” that allows the patient to easily add a dependent, a condition, an allergy, a side effect, or a medication to their profile. The app also contains a side bar so that the patient can easily navigate the different sections of the app, such as “My Conditions,” “Medication Interactions,” and “My Dependents.”

In the app, patients can create a profile and add their medications, including the name and dose, how often it needs to be refilled, and the directions for how to take it. The app uses this information to set pill alerts and refill reminders. Additionally, patients can enter any side effects or allergies they have experienced in the past into the app as a reminder to mention this information to their doctor or pharmacist. The app also allows patients to enter medications to check for interactions or lookup research articles in the PubMed database to learn about their health conditions.

The app connects the patient’s medication to the health condition it is treating, offering the patient a list of health conditions for the patient to select from. This feature helps patients manage the condition, as well as the medication. Patients can also add other health conditions, not directly associated to any medications, into the app. The condition management section of the app includes condition-specific information, such as recommendations for how often to see the doctor and get lab tests, which vaccines are recommended for the condition, and which vital signs should be monitored. The app also gives patients the opportunity to track these vital signs within the app by entering blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, and weight, including the time and date recorded.

Additionally, patients can create “Dependent Profiles” to manage the medications and health conditions of individuals they care for.. At this time, the app does not allow for the sharing of profiles between devices. For instance, an elderly patient cannot share their KnowYourMeds profile on their own device to the device of a caretaker. The caretaker would have to create a new dependent profile on their own KnowYourMeds app for the elderly patient.

Overall, the KnowYourMeds app provides one simple location that patients can use to manage their own medications and health conditions or those of the people they care for. It can serve as a great source of information about medications and health conditions to help patients understand their health more fully.

To learn more, visit the KnowYourMeds website at: and check out these snapshots of the app screens.


Posted: March 2021