GetMyRx App Review

GetMyRx is a prescription delivery service application that is available for mobile Apple devices. This new App allows retail pharmacy customers to scan and send a new prescription or refill into a local pharmacy and then get their prescription delivered within 4 hours. The App is easy to use, utilizing a step-wise approach for patients to enter necessary information. The App is able to scan the user’s insurance card and the new prescription or refill label using an in-app camera feature. The written prescription must be surrendered to the pharmacy upon delivery of the medication. Then, all the user has to do is enter their patient information, their doctor’s name, and a delivery address, and the pharmacy will do the rest. The delivering pharmacy takes care of transferring the prescription (if necessary) and calling the user to confirm the order and obtain the user’s credit card information. The App is free to download and the delivering pharmacy cannot charge a delivery fee, so the prescription will cost the exact amount it would cost in-store. GetMyRx charges pharmacies a software licensing fee for using its proprietary technology platform.

Currently, this service is only available in the Miami, Florida area, but developers are looking to expand to New York and San Francisco soon. Expansion of the availability of this App will largely depend on state law. In certain states, pharmacies cannot fill prescriptions unless they have the original prescription or the prescription was electronically sent by an authorized practitioner, so the prescription scan option would not be available in those states. Another drawback is that the user cannot choose which pharmacy to get the new prescription from, the App automatically matches the user to the nearest pharmacy using the service. Pharmacies interested in being a part of the GetMyRx network can email the company at More information about the GetMyRx App is available at