Belay App Review

PHSI occasionally shares information on new Apps that may be beneficial to our colleagues and their families.  One such app is Belay, a food allergy management app that allows parents to share their child’s food allergy information with any caregivers their children may encounter, such as teachers, coaches, babysitters, bus drivers, friends, and others. Belay users can download the app for free on IOS devices through the App Store and on Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Parents begin using the app by creating a profile for their child. First, parents provide some basic demographic information about their child and a list of what foods their child has allergies to. If applicable, the parent can also include information about whether their child has experienced an anaphylactic reaction, including what a typical reaction looks like for their child.

Next, parents can add some safe food options for their child ranging from snacks, food cooked at home, and what to order when eating out.

Then, parents can put an emergency plan in place for their child. The emergency plan includes which type of epinephrine auto-injector their child uses, if their child has asthma and/or carries a rescue inhaler, and if their child takes any other medications after injecting epinephrine.  The profile also lists emergency contacts and the contact’s relationship to the child. Parents can even include a picture of the location of their child’s epinephrine auto-injector.

Upon completing their child’s profile, parents can send the profile out to any of the child’s caregivers. Caregivers never have to download the app. Instead, a web link gets sent via SMS text message to the caregiver’s phone. From there, the caregivers can add the child’s profile to their phone’s home screen for quick and convenient access. In addition to the basic information from the child’s profile, caregivers can also view information about how to identify a reaction and when to use epinephrine. The Belay app also provides the caregiver with the child’s stepwise emergency plan and details what the caregiver should do at each step.

If a parent no longer wishes to share their child’s information with a caregiver, the parent can delete that caregiver from their child’s profile on the Belay app. Deleting the caregiver causes the child’s profile to no longer work on the caregiver’s phone, and they will no longer have access to information from the child’s profile.

PHSI believes that if you have a child with food allergies, the Belay app can assist you in managing their food allergies by increasing caregiver awareness of your child’s food allergies. This can help caregivers prevent children from experiencing food allergy reactions in a more effective manner. The Belay app can also assist you in managing your child’s food allergies by helping caregivers provide the necessary treatment if your child does have a reaction.

Posted: February 2019