Poll Results

November 2021 Question of the Month

How severe do you expect the 2021-2022 flu season to be versus previous years?

Fewer infections than 2020-2021: 0%

Similar number of infections to 2020-2021: 0%

More infections than 2020-2021 but still fewer than pre-COVID: 100%

Similar number of infections as pre-COVID: 0%

More infections than pre-COVID: 0%

October 2021 Question of the Month

Have you used telehealth services for an acute or chronic health concern?

Yes, starting pre-pandemic: 0%

Yes, starting during the pandemic: 50%

Not yet, but would consider: 50%

No, and would not consider: 0%

September 2021 Question of the Month

Does your organization require COVID-19 booster vaccinations?

Yes, and I agree that they do: 0%
Yes, and I am not happy about it: 0%
No, but I wish they would: 8%
No, and I am fine with that: 84%
Unknown: 8%

August 2021 Question of the Month

What impact will the new PBM from Anthem, Humana, and SS&C have on incumbents?

Significant Disruption: 0%

Minor Loss of Business: 100%

No Impact: 0%

July 2021 Question of the Month

Based on the $56k yearly cost, what will be the greatest barrier to launch success for the newly approved Alzheimer’s disease drug Aduhelm™?
Physician willingness to recommend or prescribe: 0%
Cost to plan or CMS: 75%
Cost to patient: 25%
Slow uptake due to potential efficacy issues: 0%

June 2021 Question of the Month

If COVID vaccination in children less than 12 years old is authorized this fall, will you vaccinate your children?

Yes: 18%

No: 59%

Undecided: 24%

May 2021 Question of the Month

How do you expect the new Pharmacist job market to look in the coming year?

More competitive: 71%

Less competitive: 6%

Same / no change: 24%

April 2021 Question of the Month

Is the pharmacy industry overall ready for the transition to UDI by the deadline?

All affected segments of the industry will be ready: 0.0%

Many segments of the industry will be ready with challenges: 0.0%

Old and new identifiers found in the marketplace for the same device will create confusion: 0.0%

Submitting claims for devices will be difficult during the transition:66.7%

Reimbursement payments for devices will be adversely affected: 0.0%

Many segments will not be ready making it difficult to dispense devices: 33.3%

I don’t have insight on this issue: 0.0%

March 2021 Question of the Month

How will the number of FDA drug approvals change in 2021 compared with 2020 due to the pandemic?

Fewer drug approvals in 2021 than 2020: 57.1%

About the same in 2021 as 2020: 28.6%

More drug approvals in 2021 than 2020: 14.3%

February 2021 Question of the Month Results

What will be the greatest limitation(s) in the COVID19 vaccine rollout in the US?

Patient ability to navigate the entire process:  26.32%

Patient acceptance of vaccine:  21.05%

Distribution/Administration:  21.05%

Vaccine supply:  15.79%

Procedural differences from state to state:  10.53%

Systems used to set up vaccination appointments:  5.26%

Proper interpretation of the rules for each phase:  0.00%