Poll Results

January 2023 Question of the Month

How will payers manage reimbursement of multiple interchangeable biosimilars?

MAC reimbursement: 10%

Generic non-MAC reimbursement rate: 10%

Brand reimbursement rate: 40%

Specialty drug specific rate: 40%

Average Sales Price (ASP): 0%

Average Manufacturer Price (AMP): 0%

National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC): 0%

December 2022 Question of the Month

In which area could you or your company most benefit from additional training?

Biosimilars and interchangeability requirements: 46.1%

Dynamics that drive PBM and health plan decisions: 15.4%

Various hurdles a prescription must clear before being dispensed: 15.4%

Changing 340B landscape: 15.4%

Flow of funds and prescriptions through the pharmacy channels: 7.7%

Pharmacy chain initiatives and strategy updates: 0%

November 2022 Question of the Month

In the next 5 years, what outcome is most likely for FDA management of accelerated approvals with subsequent failed confirmatory trials?

Status quo with extended review timelines and limited FDA authority: 64%

Legislative change leading to additional FDA authority and actions: 27%

Increased pharmaceutical manufacturer voluntary actions: 9%

October 2022 Question of the Month

Which drug will change from prescription to OTC first?

Naloxone: 60%

Statins: 0%

Oral Contraceptives: 30%

Influenza Antivirals: 0%

None of the Above: 10%

September 2022 Question of the Month

Which medical condition will benefit the most from digital therapeutics?

August 2022 Question of the Month

How soon will COVID-19 vaccines transition from government funded to commercially available?

Before the end of 2022: 12.5%

First half of 2023: 25%

Second half of 2023: 50%

2024 and beyond: 12.5%

July 2022 Question of the Month

Which term do you use to refer to the process of preparing a new product or NDC for listing in the drug pricing compendia?

Compendia Submission: 64%

New Product Information: 18%

Drug Database Addition: 9%

Drug Price Publication: 9%

Drug File Integration: 0%

Health IT Preparation: 0%

June 2022 Question of the Month

APhA supports the pharmacy profession through a variety of key advocacy issues. Of the following, which of these issues is a top priority for you?

Improving the COVID-19 Test to Treat Initiative: 9%

Pharmacist Provider Status: 61%

Eliminating DIR Fees: 30%

May 2022 Question of the Month

How quickly will the FDB Vela ePrescribing Network be a viable competitor in the market?

Immediately successful: 0%

Within 1 year: 10%

Within 2-5 years: 70%

More than 5 years: 10%

Will not be able to compete: 0%

Will have limited uptake: 10%

April 2022 Question of the Month

How have drug supply shortages in 2022 changed compared to shortages in 2021?

More products impacted: 44%

Same number of products impacted: 44%

Less products impacted: 11%