Poll Results

November 2023 Question of the Month

CVS announced voluntary removal of some phenylephrine products from shelves. How will competing pharmacies react?

Slowly follow phenylephrine removal: 40.0%

October 2023 Question of the Month

What is the greatest challenge for prescription digital therapeutics?

Payer coverage: 57%

Provider willingness to prescribe: 14%

Patient acceptance of use: 0%

Distribution outside normal channels: 29%

September 2023 Question of the Month

How will Artificial Intelligence tools impact health care in 2024?

Drastic increase health provider productivity: 0%

Selective use cases and minor positive impact: 66.6%

Negative impact due to errors: 16.7%

No uptake and impact: 16.7%

August 2023 Question of the Month

What steps do you take when learning about an electronic prescribing challenge?

Root cause analysis: 0%

Compendia review: 0%

Engage a partner: 0%

All of the above: 50%

None of the above: 50%

July 2023 Question of the Month

Does your organization have a strategy for Humira biosimilar launches?

Yes, well defined: 0%

We have a framework: 50%

Waiting for clarity: 0%

No: 0%

Unaware of need: 50%

June 2023 Question of the Month

How far in advance of NDA/BLA expected approval do (or should) manufacturers begin planning their compendia submission strategy?

During Phase II Trials: 0%

Initiation of Phase III Trials: 66%

6 months prior to approval: 33%

3 months prior to approval: 0%

At time of approval: 0%

After approval: 0%

No strategy: 0%

May 2023 Question of the Month

Which type of project(s) could you or your organization most benefit from in 2023?

April 2023 Question of the Month

In July 2022, the FDA proposed expanding the NDC to a uniform 12 numeric digit format to accommodate future needs when all options using the current formats have been exhausted. Alternative options shared by the industry have asked the FDA to consider retaining the current NDC formats and allow the use of alpha characters when all numeric options have been exhausted.

Which of the following transition types is your organization prepared for in the next 5 years?

March 2023 Question of the Month

What information would you most like to gain from an Online Listening Assessment for a particular drug therapy or device? (Multiple selections allowed)

Prescribing & Dispensing Concerns: 25%

Competitor Comparisons: 25%

Prescribing Information Alignment: 17%

Coverage & Reimbursement: 17%

Patient Affordability: 8%

Misinformation: 8%

Disease State Concerns: 0%

February 2023 Question of the Month

Do you feel like your organization understands the FDA’s Draft Guidance for Industry on Drug Importation?

We have reviewed the guidance and are taking a watch and wait approach: 75%

We have reviewed the guidance and are taking proactive steps to act on it: 25%

We have reviewed the guidance but do not feel like it will impact our organization: 0%

Not familiar/We have not reviewed the guidance: 0%