Successful Completion of Software Release due to PHSI Expertise

ProblemA software company developing a new pharmacy practice management system needed a team of experts to review and create functional requirements to guide the software development.
PHSL SolutionPHSI provided subject matter expertise and was responsible for reviewing business requirements and writing documentation for use by the vendor’s business analysts and software developers. PHSI helped ensure the new software was in compliance with government regulations and industry standards. PHSI assisted in training new members of the development team to take over these functions after PHSI’s engagement concluded.
ResultsPHSI contributed to the completion of the major release of the software by finalizing business requirements to meet aggressive timelines.

Technology Provider Sought to Better Serve New and Existing Clients

ProblemA technology provider wished to strengthen and increase their capability to analyze data in order to expand their customer base and meet customer needs. The provider sought PHSI’s industry expertise to evaluate new data elements for future business growth.
PHSL SolutionPHSI analyzed the technology provider’s customer segmentation and discussed business trends to recognize new potential markets for the technology provider to engage. PHSI also identified data elements for the technology provider to consider incorporating into their data base. PHSI provided suggestions to the technology provider regarding how to aggregate data and furnish it to meet their new clients’ needs. The final output was reviewed by PHSI to verify validity and accuracy of the data.
ResultsUsing the insight provided by PHSI, the technology provider hopes to gain new clients and better serve its current customers. Also, the technology provider will design a new data warehouse that will better accommodate specific customer needs.

Software Developer Plans System Enhancements

ProblemA software developer planned to introduce a solution to integrate all facets of prescription processing unique to the mail order industry. The company’s first client was a specialty mail service pharmacy that had complex billing and accounts receivable challenges. The developer needed a GAP analysis comparing capabilities of the client’s current and new system.
PHSL SolutionPHSI prepared a comprehensive GAP analysis identifying areas requiring further development with recommendations on priorites based on business needs.
ResultsThe software developer established realistic timelines to add functionality to their system to meet the special needs of the specialty mail order pharmacy.

Market Assessment Report Helps Software Developer Plan Sales Strategy

ProblemAn international software developer planned to introduce a new software solution integrating claims from pharmacy, dental, and vision into a patient-centric database. The organization needed a market assessment of the current pharmaceutical claims processing systems on the market.
PHSL SolutionPHSI prepared a comprehensive market assessment report of leading pharmaceutical claims processors and PBMs capabilities.
ResultsThe company leveraged the report to strategically understand the market to plan and implement a focused sales strategy for its new system.