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PHSL Provides Expert Testimony

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ProblemA client required an expert witness to prepare an expert report and testify in a class action lawsuit in what is known as a pay for delay generic case.
PHSL SolutionPHSI consultants leveraged their 30+ years of industry experience in pharmacy and PBM settings to provide industry insight. PHSL’s multiple industry segment perspective expertise provided a comprehensive explanation of how pharmacy claims processing works and addressed inconsistencies in the Plaintiffs expert’s report.
ResultsThe defendant client’s legal team gained a stronger understanding of industry dynamics and how they have changed during the case timeframe while providing the court with insight into the marketplace realities impacting the legal arguments.

PBM Lawsuit Settlement

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ProblemA union trust fund needed assistance negotiating a settlement on outstanding claims processing issues with their former PBM. The client was looking for expertise on structuring an agreement to drive a settlement to the protracted litigation.
PHSL SolutionAfter reviewing case documents and completing a financial analysis, PHSI provided the attorneys with guidance on document production, deposition questions, and requests for operational information to gain further insight to support the trust fund's position.
ResultsThe client negotiated a settlement that was $1.2M less than budgeted.

Case Dismissed in Pre-Trial Proceedings Based on PHSI Expert Opinions

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ProblemThe client needed an expert witness with a retail pharmacy background and store, managerial, and administrative experience to provide testimony on pharmacy operating procedures, government regulations, and industry standards.
PHSL SolutionAfter reviewing the case documentation, PHSI prepared an expert report that was submitted to the court.
ResultsAfter the report was submitted to the court as evidence in the pre-trial proceedings, the case was dismissed, in part based on PHSI input.