Customized Training Programs

Customized Training Programs

PHSL develops customized educational programs that address your training needs by developing program content and delivering the program to meet your objectives. Our customized programs incorporate case studies and group exercises to engage audiences to ensure they understand and immediately apply the concepts discussed.

Programs are delivered online or in-person based on your specific requirements. Regardless of whether you are targeting new trainees, a seasoned sales force, or a veteran management team, PHSL’s customized training solutions will deliver results for your group.

Four industry training programs that are listed below can be customized to fit your objectives or unique programs can be created based on your specific business needs.

  1. Follow the Dollar– Examines the flow of funds and prescriptions through the pharmacy channels.
  2. How Do PBM’s and Health Plans Make Money?– Explains the dynamics that drive PBM and health plan decisions for formulary, MAC lists, and other services that drive revenues and profits.
  3. Prescribed But Not Dispensed- How Did That Happen?– Looks at the hurdles that must be cleared for a prescription to be dispensed and why alternative products may be substituted before the product is dispensed to the patient.

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