Pharmacy Software Development- Project Liaison

Pharmacy Software Development- Project Liaison

When developing and implementing a new pharmacy-related software application, many organizations encounter challenges that result in a stalled project or one behind schedule. Typical issues encountered include the lack of resources with pharmacy and information technology expertise or the lack of focus on the project due to existing job responsibilities.

PHSL pharmacists are Subject Matter Experts (SME) that help software developers drive their project toward completion.  PHSL understands how industry and legislative changes impact different business processes. PHSL consultants facilitate communication between business and IT professionals by efficiently interpreting business requirements and processes to facilitate guiding the project toward completion.

PHSL’s subject matter experts enable our clients to:

  • Deliver project results and meet deadlines
  • Reinvigorate a stalled project
  • Bridge the gap between the business owner and IT
  • Reduce project impact on day-to-day operations

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