Market Research

Market Research

PHSL can help you answer the tough questions that are critical for your strategic planning and business development. PHSL develops and conducts market research in a variety of market segments to gain meaningful insight to assist clients address their pressing business issues.

Examples of Research Topics:

  • Pull through program development
  • Pharmacy practice standards
  • Drug database classification
  • Loyalty programs
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Copay cards
  • Product stocking decisions
  • Pharmacy law and application to manufacturer programs

PHSL surveys are conducted online or over the phone, from a simple straightforward set of questions to a complex survey design using step logic, with question variety, and incorporating computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI).

PHSL has a panel of survey candidates to meet varied client needs, including:

  • Pharmacists
    • Traditional chain pharmacy
    • Regional pharmacy chain
    • Supermarket pharmacy
    • Mass Merchant pharmacy
    • Community/ Independent pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Chain Management
  • Payers
    • Health plans
    • Pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs)
    • Employer groups
  • Consumers
  • Electronic Medical Record Vendors
  • E-prescribing Software Vendors

Satisfied clients appreciate our quick turnaround that streamlines strategic decision making. Our survey response rates are consistently higher than industry averages. PHSL consultants analyze and interpret survey results and draw conclusions to uncover new insights, which allow clients to make informed business decisions.

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