Legal Services- Litigation Support

Legal Services- Litigation Support

PHSL provides litigation support for clients and their legal counsel.  PHSL educates attorneys regarding pharmacy and industry issues by assisting counsel prepare cross-examination questions, arguments, and rebuttals.  PHSL consultants provide expert reports on industry topics and issues to assist our clients with their legal case.  We also evaluate publications and reports written by opposing experts.

Industry topics we have provided assistance to counsel include:

  • Drug Database Research
  • Retail Pharmacy Standards of Care
  • Mail Service Pharmacy Practices
  • Product Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Systems and Claims Adjudication Processes
  • Returned Goods Policies
  • Pharmacy Product Selection & Substitution Rules
  • Expert Witness Identification
  • Expert and Fact Witness Support
  • Standard Industry Practices and Trends

PHSL staff are experienced, poised, and polished with a vast amount of pharmaceutical information enabling them to provide convincing fact and expert witness testimony.  If you need a pharmacy expert witness or pharmaceutical litigation support, contact PHSL.

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