PHSL Quoted on Pharmacy Consolidation Impacts on Cancer Care

PHSL President Ann Johnson was consulted on the topic of pharmacy consolidation and the impact on cancer care.  Ann shared, “Although retail pharmacy consolidation might create some inconveniences for patients, the consolidation of pharmacies is not expected to have much of an impact on cancer care in the community setting.  The costs that patients pay for drugs, such as their copays, are set by the health plans and PBMs, not the pharmacies themselves, so pharmacy consolidation will not lead to higher prices for consumers. Likewise, from the pharmacy’s perspective, the amount that the pharmacy is reimbursed is established in their PBM network agreements.”

Read the full text article to learn more about the different points explored by the author and sources.


Nelson, Roxanne. “Consolidation in US Health Care Negatively Impacts Cancer Care – the Lancet Oncology.” The Lancet Oncology, 23 Sept. 2022,


Posted: October 2022

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