Liquid Mask Product as Tool to Combat COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the world.  Even among the healthy there is a sense of fatigue.  This has led to a decline of hygiene and preventative measures that once were prominent at the beginning of the pandemic.  Hand washing, surface cleaning, and proper ventilation is dwindling.  There is a demand for a preventative product that is easy to use and not invasive on the user’s daily life.  This is where a “liquid mask” may prove to be useful.

A “liquid mask” is an approved combination of hydrogen peroxide and hyaluronic acid in both nasal spray and mouth-rinse formulations.  The idea is that the hydrogen peroxide and hyaluronic acid will coat the user’s nasal and oral mucosa disallowing the SARS-CoV-2 virus from getting into the user’s nose or mouth.  This type of product can also be utilized to limit the penetration of the virus deeper into the respiratory tract early in the infection when the virus is limited to the oral and/or nasal cavities.

Currently, the nasal sprays on the market contain various active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) aimed at reducing the viral load of COVID-19 early in the course of infection.  Problems with these products are rooted in their higher price point (often greater than $20/bottle) and their formulation as a nasal spray only.  However, BMG Pharma now has approvals for their “liquid mask”, a hydrogen peroxide and hyaluronic acid combination product, as both a nasal spray and a mouthwash.  The CEO of BMG Pharma, Marco Mastrodonato, commented on the issue of high prices in the “liquid mask” market, citing $10-$20 per product as acceptable.  He also stressed the importance of presenting the product as a daily use hygiene product and not a product that can be used once to prevent COVID-19 infection.

A recent placebo-controlled clinical trial provided some evidence in the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide/hyaluronic acid products.  The trial included 106 asymptomatic patients who were infected with COVID-19.  In the placebo group, 57.8% of participants had a positive PCR swab test after three days while only 31.9% of participants using the hydrogen peroxide/hyaluronic acid nasal spray and mouth wash had a positive PCR swab test after three days (P=0.008).  These results suggest that hydrogen peroxide/hyaluronic acid “liquid mask” products may be effective and become the next big product to hit the market in the fight against COVID-19.



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Posted: May 2022

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