Technology Provider Sought to Better Serve New and Existing Clients

ProblemA technology provider wished to strengthen and increase their capability to analyze data in order to expand their customer base and meet customer needs. The provider sought PHSI’s industry expertise to evaluate new data elements for future business growth.
PHSI SolutionPHSI analyzed the technology provider’s customer segmentation and discussed business trends to recognize new potential markets for the technology provider to engage. PHSI also identified data elements for the technology provider to consider incorporating into their data base. PHSI provided suggestions to the technology provider regarding how to aggregate data and furnish it to meet their new clients’ needs. The final output was reviewed by PHSI to verify validity and accuracy of the data.
ResultsUsing the insight provided by PHSI, the technology provider hopes to gain new clients and better serve its current customers. Also, the technology provider will design a new data warehouse that will better accommodate specific customer needs.