Client Developed Successful Free Antibiotic and Generic Discount Programs

IndustryRetail Pharmacy
ProblemA mid-sized regional pharmacy chain felt that they were at a competitive disadvantage due to the lack of a generic discount and/or free antibiotic program. Senior management was concerned about losing patients to pharmacies offering these programs. The chain lacked the resources needed to create and evaluate the financial impact, determine quantity and day’s supply limits, and manage the program.
PHSI SolutionPHSI evaluated existing free antibiotic and generic discount programs and used the chain’s claims data to determine the potential cost of matching existing programs. PHSI created a sample drug list and repriced these medications developing a detailed cost and margin analysis for implementing the program. PHSI created management reports to calculate changes in profit margins and estimated prescription volume.
ResultsThe client introduced free antibiotic and generic discount programs allowing them to stay competitive in the market. PHSI receives a claims file to monitor and fine tune the program to meet the client’s sales and profit objectives.