Pharmacists’ Response to Drug Interaction Messages Evaluated

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA brand manufacturer introduced a drug with significant marketplace potential. A clinical database provider listed a drug interaction as severe or contraindicated when the theoretical interaction may not have had clinical significance. The client was unsure how the pharmacy community would react to this interaction information when dispensing prescriptions.
PHSI SolutionPHSI surveyed retail pharmacists about actions they would take if they encountered the drug interaction and also researched the processes utilized in pharmacy practice management systems and clinical databases to categorize interactions. PHSI prepared a report summarizing the survey responses along with details about the clinical evaluation processes that drug databases go through when researching drug interactions. PHSI presented the findings to the product team.
ResultsThe product marketing team was able to understand clinical databases and associated pharmacy dispensing system processes to display drug interactions. They were able to estimate the impact that the interaction would have on product sales and presented the findings to senior management.