Manufacturer Sought Validation and Early Insight on Brand Erosion

IndustryBrand Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA brand manufacturer had a key product face Loss of Exclusivity (LOE) with limited generic competition. The manufacturer wanted to monitor the launch of the generic product to understand product availability, and assess pharmacy reimbursement for the generic products to determine the impact on brand sales.
PHSI SolutionPHSI surveyed various retail pharmacies via phone calls to confirm if the generic and brand products were being stocked. PHSI also reviewed paid claims information to determine average reimbursement rates for the generic product. PHSI provided the client with weekly updates on all changes as additional generics entered the market.
ResultsPHSI was able to validate the brand erosion and subsequent generic adoption rates for the client to compare to information obtained on a national level. The timeliness of PHSI analysis enabled client to have an earlier insight on marketplace changes compared to national data.