Manufacturer Reinforces Formulary Win with PHSI Training

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA brand manufacturer was successful in securing tier two formulary status with a major health plan. This was the first major formulary win for this manufacturer and they wanted to develop a successful pull-through program to drive usage and to achieve aggressive market share objectives.
PHSI SolutionTo support physician detailing, PHSI developed a focused training program that included retail pharmacy in the pull-through effort. PHSI presented a one day sales training program for sales representatives to prepare them for pharmacy calls, define goals from the call, and enlist pharmacist support converting non-formulary products to their preferred product while establishing a relationship with retail pharmacy.
ResultsSales representatives were prepared for successful pharmacy calls and understood the retail pharmacy environment. Feedback from the manufacturer and sales representatives rated the program with a score of 4.85 out of 5. The manufacturer is incorporating the training into its employee education curriculum.