How are Physician’s Prescriptions Changed before Dispensing?

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemA pharmaceutical manufacturer requested that PHSI educate senior and middle management on the factors that influence how a product selected by a physician could be changed from the initial written prescription prior to dispensing. There was a disconnect between sales force testimonials of physicians writing for their product only to realize that pharmacy sales were not showing the same level of success.
PHSI SolutionPHSI developed a training program designed to explain the dynamics influencing prescription dispensing. The program was delivered at ten sites around the country and corporate headquarters. The presentation focused on pharmacy practice management software, telecommunications switching companies, pharmacy benefit management systems, and drug database providers and their respective roles in determining product selection. Practical solutions were presented to resolve situations involving the communication of erroneous or confusing information from these entities to the field management.
ResultsManagement was able to triage reports from the field to determine if the issue was an isolated incident or indication of a widespread situation that required follow-up by corporate management. PHSI developed a form to assist field sales gather information to research these types of situations, which led to a more effective utilization of resources.