Copay Reduction Program

IndustryPharmaceutical Manufacturer
ProblemThe client wanted to understand the options for communicating copay reduction program information from prescribers to the pharmacy using e-prescribing. The manufacturer wanted an understanding of the e-prescribing fields that could be used for the copay reduction program information and how prescribers were using those fields to supply this information.
PHSI SolutionPHSI researched the NCPDP e-prescribing Script standard to help the client understand the options available in the e-prescribing process. PHSI reached out to industry leaders in pharmacy and electronic health records software companies to learn the current best practices and discuss potential options for this process.
ResultsPHSI provided the client a report of the research findings illustrating the options for inserting copay reduction program information into e-prescriptions and how prescribers are currently supplying this information in the e-prescribing process. PHSI made a recommendation for the best way to supply copay reduction program information in a prescription.