Integrated Delivery System Retail Pharmacy Assessment

IndustryHealth System
ProblemA health system pharmacy was experiencing a decline in profits over several years due to various reasons. The health system needed an unbiased assessment of their management system and pharmacy program to analyze why current strategies were not working and how to improve them.
PHSI SolutionPHSI gathered information about the current operations of the health system, including its management structure, patient base, and the technology utilized. Pharmacists, management, and administrators were interviewed to help PHSI completely understand the health system’s operations and possible flaws. PHSI used this information to prepare alternative pharmacy strategic plans and management policies. These recommendations were prioritized by the potential return on investment and level of difficulty to implement the new system.
ResultsThe health system pharmacy can now make informed decisions that will help them better manage their company. They are also armed with the knowledge to implement the plan they choose.