Understanding EHR Systems and Drug Compendia Databases

IndustryDrug Compendia
ProblemA pharmaceutical manufacturer contacted PHSI to gain a better understanding of electronic health records (EHRs), the compendia that EHR vendors use for drug product information, and typical ePrescribing habits. The manufacturer wanted to make sure that ePrescribing physicians and dispensing pharmacists could clearly identify their drug products to ensure safe and accurate prescriptions for patients.
PHSI SolutionPHSI partnered with Think Patients LLC to develop a unique training program for the client’s internal use. This partnership allowed the client to obtain insightful information regarding the most utilized EHRs and the impact of drug compendia in EHRs, pharmacy dispensing systems, and ePrescribing modules. The program focused on how products are listed in various databases and common physician practices such as computerized physician order entries.
ResultsBy utilizing the training program, which included visual mock-ups of electronic health records, the client was better able to build relationships with prescribers and address potential barriers for prescribing their product. By identifying key drug characteristics to address during product launch such as indication, dosage form, or packaging, the client was able to understand potential areas of differentiation in the different drug compendia and learned how physicians make decisions during the prescribing process. The knowledge gained on the role of naming structure and product identification will allow the client to effectively launch new products and optimize their use among prescribers.