Post-Merger Product Review in Drug Compendia

IndustryDrug Compendia
ProblemTwo pharmaceutical manufacturers who recently merged sought a review of their products in the drug compendia following their merger to ensure no inconsistencies existed in the compendia.
PHSI SolutionUsing their expertise in the compendia, PHSI performed an independent review and examined four different drug compendia for any inconsistencies with the client’s products regarding packaging, pricing, and the active status of the products.
ResultsBy reviewing the compendia, PHSI was able to provide insight into selected products with discrepancies and recommended communications and corrections to the various drug compendia. For the remaining products, the client was assured that there were no identifiable differences between the drug product label and the compendia listing. This enabled the client to prevent any issues with prescribing, product selection, and reimbursement for their drug products.