Manufacturer Sought Insight on Package Size Compendia Listing Issue

IndustryDrug Compendia
ProblemPHSI’s pharmaceutical manufacturer client’s topical preparation product was listed with the incorrect billing quantity by one of the drug compendia. This issue caused billing and payment problems for pharmacies and claims processors who began to contact the manufacturer.
PHSI SolutionThe PHSI team used their understanding of the NCPDP Billing Unit Standard and the drug compendia to research the issue and to provide a concise explanation to the client along with the necessary steps toward a resolution. PHSI monitored the actions of NCPDP Work/Task Group responsible for adjudicating these issues with the compendia to ensure the proper outcome. PHSI helped the client communicate with the compendia providers so that proper and accurate information was provided to PHSI’s pharmaceutical manufacturer client’s suppliers, and that the information was consistent with the NCPDP Billing Unit Standard.
ResultsThe eventual correction of the billing quantity by the compendia resulted in smoother claims submission and proper payments to pharmacies.