Manufacturer Sought Insight on Inner-Pack NDC Compendia Listing

IndustryDrug Compendia
ProblemA brand pharmaceutical manufacturer faced lost sales with both prescribers and pharmacies based upon their inner-pack and outer-pack national drug code (NDC) product listing in drug compendia. The client desired to identify and align classifications of their product listing in the drug compendia to resolve issues on various EHR and pharmacy dispensing software systems impacting the prescribing, distribution, and dispensing process.
PHSI SolutionPHSI analyzed the drug compendia NDC package file definitions for inner-pack and outer-pack NDCs. PHSI prepared actionable next steps for the manufacturer at both the wholesaler and pharmacy level to clarify the client’s product listing. PHSI prepared a concise summary clarifying the use of outer-pack NDCs for ordering and dispensing as well as the purpose for the inner-pack NDC for patient safety. PHSI provided actionable recommendations for drug compendia modifications and clarification steps to communicate with suppliers, EHR system companies, and community pharmacies to ensure proper prescribing and dispensing of their product.
ResultsPHSI insight addressed the problems the client faced and removed potential barriers to improve efficiency in product prescribing and distribution process. The client understood NDC package drug characteristics and impact on different channel stakeholders from the product’s listing in drug compendia. The manufacturer implemented PHSI’s recommendations at the pharmacy level, and the dispensing issues previously seen at pharmacies were greatly reduced.