Drug Compendia Product Submission

IndustryDrug Compendia
ProblemA brand pharmaceutical manufacturer with a new product lacked experience working with drug compendia and desired to have their drug listed properly before launch. The client had drug compendia challenges with previous launches and wanted to minimize issues with their new product.
PHSI SolutionPHSI prepared and led an onsite training program for the brand team and management from several operational areas including finance, regulatory, and sales. The training provided foundational knowledge about the role and importance of drug compendia, as they are used by prescribers with EMR systems, pharmacies for product selection, and payers for claims adjudication. PHSI assisted the client with drug compendia form completion and submission to Medi-Span, First Databank, Gold Standard, Cerner Multum, and Red Book. Finally, PHSI monitored these compendia publications to ensure there were no inconsistencies with how the new product was listed in the various compendia.
ResultsClient was better prepared to launch their new product and lowered their risk of drug compendia issues impacting prescribing and distribution. They integrated the compendia activities into their product launch plans and factored in the time for the new drug information to reach pharmacies, payers, and especially EHR systems. This ensured the product was available to e-prescribe almost immediately post product launch. The compendia process has become a best practice and will be included in launch planning for all new future products.