COVID-19 have you Quarantined? – Weekend Activities for your To-Do List

As millions of Americans quarantine themselves in their homes, numerous sources have touted “fun activities you can do at home” and “10 ways to spend the weekend indoors”.  Instead, what about crossing a few forgotten items off your to-do list?  PHSL has five ideas for you to improve your health and increase your sense of accomplishment by checking another item off your list.

  1. Clean out your Medicine Cabinet – When is the last time you’ve cleaned out your medicine cabinet and removed expired OTC medications and unused prescriptions? As you’re thinking about purchasing supplies for a prolonged quarantine, it is important to first inventory the products you have on hand to determine what you actually need.  In order to ensure everyone gets the medications they need, it’s important to not stockpile excessive amounts of OTCs.  Instead, review your current supply to determine where gaps exist in your personal inventory.  Although the DEA’s Prescription Drug Take Back Day scheduled for April 25th has been canceled, many retail pharmacy locations have drop boxes where expired medications can be deposited.
  1. Establish your Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPA) – A HCPA, sometimes referred to as an Advance Directive, is a legal document that allows another individual to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are incapacitated. The named healthcare power of attorney acts as a healthcare proxy and is called upon to communicate with a patient’s doctor to inform them of the patient’s wishes.  A HCPA can be a family member, friend, or even an attorney.  A lawyer can help you establish an HCPA, or there are many online providers that can execute the required documentation.
  1. Setup your Online Health Record – Many insurance providers and doctor’s offices have online portals available where you can access information on your office visits, medications, vaccine history, diagnoses, lab results, and more. In order to have quick access to this information and avoid needing to call your physician’s office, it is recommended that you set up a username/password and familiarize yourself with the system.  Being able to provide your own information in the event of an illness, can save valuable time for you and your healthcare team.
  1. Review Child Safety Procedures – For those with kids who may now be home from school, the weekend is an excellent time to review safety procedures with your child. Do your kids know what to do in case of an emergency?  Can they provide your address or phone number to a trusted adult?  The weekend also provides ample time to do a walk-around of your home and identify any potential hazards such as missing electrical outlet covers, lack of cabinet locks, lose stair gates, or exposed cords or wires.
  1. Be Active – Go for a walk outside, start seedlings for your spring garden, or stream an online exercise class. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to stay fit and be active.  With the current pandemic, a number of companies are offering free subscriptions, so do a little online research, and find something that interests you!


Posted March 20, 2020

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