Interoperability, FHIR, and Block-chain to be presented at ASAP 2018 Midyear by Tim Kosty

ASAP 2018 Midyear

PHSI President Tim Kosty will be presenting on “Interoperability, FHIR, and Blockchain: Where Do We Go from Here?” at the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) 2018 Midyear Conference on June 20-22 in Palm Beach, Florida. Tim’s presentation will review the challenges in developing and the progress in creating an interoperable health system, including the recent announcement from Apple that it will be creating a patient health record using the fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) process. He will explore the challenges for healthcare technology companies, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and patients, and discuss whether these efforts are solving the right problem and whether new technology such as blockchain will make current efforts obsolete.

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