Micromedex Mobile Drug Information Collection Application Updates

PHSI re-reviewed the Micromedex App after learning that Micromedex has recently updated their mobile drug information collection to include the Micromedex Drug Reference App and the Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials App. These two new additions replaced the previous Drug Information App in March 2017. Users with internet-based subscriptions through an employer or school will be able to log in to that subscription through the Drug Reference App. Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are still able to access evidence-based drug information without a subscription with the Essentials App. Both apps provide information on over 4,500 drug products. The chart below contains details on what is offered.


Micromedex reports being the world’s most complete and carefully researched clinical decision support system, utilizing a team of more than 90 specialized clinicians who perform in-depth reviews of published medical literature. Micromedex is a product of Truven Health Analytics, Inc., whose goal is to deliver unbiased information, analytic tools, benchmarks, and services to the healthcare industry.

The information is easy to navigate, and products can be searched by name or therapeutic class. There is also a “What’s New” section which identifies recently added and removed drug products and drug information documents. Limitations include the apps do not enable the user to view common searches or save specific products as favorites.

Subscription users are able to log into the app for free with a password. Non-subscription users are able to purchase the Essentials app for $2.99/year. The apps are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. iOS 3.0 or later is necessary for Apple products, and Android 2.2 or later is necessary for Android products. Updated versions of the apps are continuously released. To ensure that users utilize the most current information, the apps cannot be opened unless all updates have been downloaded. In addition to drug information, Micromedex offers apps specifically covering drug interactions, IV compatibility, pediatrics, and neonates for a fee.

For more information, visit http://truvenhealth.com/products/micromedex/quick-reference/mobile.