Poll Results

October Question of the Month

Are you in favor of allowing US residents to import prescription drugs from abroad?

Yes: 42.9%

No: 57.1%

September Question of the Month

Should community pharmacies offer pharmacogenetic testing?

Yes: 85.7%

No: 14.3%


August Question of the Month

What percentage of the time do pharmacists and techs react to saving offers when seen with e-prescriptions in the notes field?

0%-  16.7%

1-33%-  75%

34-66%-  8.3%

67-99%-  0%

100%-  0%

July Question of the Month

Have you seen an uptake in utilization of the 22 newly FDA approved drugs from 2016?

Yes: 0%

No: 100%

June Question of the Month

Should manufacturers follow the lead of J&J and issue a drug price increase report for their products?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

May Question of the Month

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most comfortable, how comfortable are you with pharmacists dispensing Naloxone under a “standing order”?

5- 60%

4- 20%

3- 20%

2- 0%

1- 0%

April Question of the Month

Do you feel that pharmacists are doing enough to help combat the Opioid Crisis?

Yes: 44%

No: 56%

March Question of the Month

Will more state MAC transparency laws be overturned following a court decision that Iowa’s transparency law is unenforceable?

Yes: 57%

No: 43%

February Question of the Month

Have you received a flu shot for the 2016-2017 influenza season?

Yes: 81%

No: 19%

Not Yet: 0%

January Question of the Month

Will the new Trump Administration make an impact on the way that drug prices are established?

Yes: 86%

No: 14%