Poll Results

February Question of the Month

Have you received a flu shot for the 2016-2017 influenza season?

Yes: 81%

No: 19%

Not Yet: 0%

January Question of the Month

Will the new Trump Administration make an impact on the way that drug prices are established?

Yes: 86%

No: 14%

December Question of the Month

Does your business connect with customers on social media?

Yes: 100%

No: 0%

October Question of the Month

Where do you typically receive your flu shot?

Pharmacy: 64%

I don’t receive a flu shot: 18%

Physician’s office: 9%

Place of employment: 9%

Other healthcare site: 0%

September Question of the Month

Do you believe that physicians are prescribing less antibiotics as antibiotic resistance awareness grows?

Yes: 27%

No: 73%

August Question of the Month

Do you utilize wearable health devices to meet your health and fitness goals?

Yes: 54%

No: 23%

Not yet, but I’m interested in starting: 23%

July Question of the Month

Do you manage your personal vaccination record?

Yes, I keep records of all vaccinations: 23%

No, I leave the record-keeping up to my doctor/pharmacy: 77%

June Question of the Month

In the next year, where will we see the most progress in the expansion of healthcare services in retail pharmacy?

Retail Clinics: 28.6%

Telemedicine: 28.6%

Pharmacy Provider Status: 14.2%

Medication Therapy Management: 28.6%

May Question of the Month

Certain advocates believe that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) should amend Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act to include language that prohibits cost sharing and formulary decisions based on disease category. Recent pressure from both patient advocacy groups and manufacturers are claiming health plans and payers use copay tiers and formularies to dissuade patients from starting and maintaining therapy.

Do you believe this is a violation of patients’ Civil Rights?

Yes: 10%

No: 90%

April Question of the Month

Will the new FUL calculation provide equitable Medicaid reimbursement for generics?

Yes: 42.9%

No: 57.1%