Poll Results

January Question of the Month

Should physicians be required to participate in mandatory education on opioids as part of ongoing attempts to limit opioid addiction?

Yes: 100%

No: 0%

December Question of the Month

When authorized generics are introduced to the market without any generic competition, does this help reduce payer cost and improve pharmacy margins?

Yes: 11.2%

No: 0%

Generally yes, but depends on pricing of AG and whether it’s reimbursed as a brand or generic: 44.4%

Generally no, but payer rebates and pharmacy discounts may help: 44.4%

November Question of the Month

Which of the following will be the most limiting factor for manufacturers to use the FDA’s guidance documents in the development of “complex generic drugs”?

Limited time and resources of the FDA: 0%

High cost of developing complex generic drugs: 25%

Low return on investment: 25%

Complex clinical testing to prove equivalence: 50%

None of these: 0%

October Question of the Month

Are you in favor of allowing US residents to import prescription drugs from abroad?

Yes: 42.9%

No: 57.1%

September Question of the Month

Should community pharmacies offer pharmacogenetic testing?

Yes: 85.7%

No: 14.3%


August Question of the Month

What percentage of the time do pharmacists and techs react to saving offers when seen with e-prescriptions in the notes field?

0%-  16.7%

1-33%-  75%

34-66%-  8.3%

67-99%-  0%

100%-  0%

July Question of the Month

Have you seen an uptake in utilization of the 22 newly FDA approved drugs from 2016?

Yes: 0%

No: 100%

June Question of the Month

Should manufacturers follow the lead of J&J and issue a drug price increase report for their products?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

May Question of the Month

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most comfortable, how comfortable are you with pharmacists dispensing Naloxone under a “standing order”?

5- 60%

4- 20%

3- 20%

2- 0%

1- 0%

April Question of the Month

Do you feel that pharmacists are doing enough to help combat the Opioid Crisis?

Yes: 44%

No: 56%