Poll Results

August 2020 Question of the Month

Would you be willing to participate in a Phase 3 trial of a potential Covid-19 vaccine?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

July 2020 Question of the Month

COVID-19 testing by community pharmacists will likely help pave the way for pharmacy provider status under Medicare, what is the expected time-frame?

1 year: 0%

2 years: 75%

3 years: 0%

4 years or more: 25%

Never: 0%

June 2020 Question of the Month

What percent of drug manufacturers will increase production of drug products in the US?

0%: 0%

1-10%: 14%

11-20%: 43%

21-30%: 29%

More than 30%: 14%

May 2020 Question of the Month

When do you feel that a COVID-19 vaccine will become available?

Less than 12 months: 8.3%

12 to 18 months: 66.7%

18 to 24 months: 25.0%

More than 24 months: 0%

Never: 0%

March 2020 Question of the Month

What impact will the coronavirus (COVID-19) have on the pharmaceutical supply chain due to API sourced from China?

High impact: 73%

Some impact: 18%

Low impact: 9%

No impact: 0%

February 2020 Question of the Month

With the approval of more biosimilars, how likely is the FDA to create an authorized generic pathway for BLAs?

Highly likely: 28.6%

Somewhat likely: 42.8%

Somewhat unlikely: 14.3%

Highly unlikely: 14.3%

January 2020 Question of the Month

If the proposed drug importation regulations are passed, what percent of the drug costs will be saved through products purchased under this regulation?

0%: 10%

1-10%: 90%

11-25%: 0%

>25%: 0%

December 2019 Question of the Month

How likely are payers to focus on formulary placement or exclusion for unapproved products (i.e. medical foods)?

Somewhat likely for exclusion purposes only: 72%

No change in focus from today: 14%

Unlikely: 14%

Highly likely: 0%

November 2019 Question of the Month

 The new Fair and Accurate Medicaid Pricing Act excludes Authorized Generics (AG) from AMP calculations for brand manufacturers, likely increasing their AMP prices and subsequent rebates. How will this change effect brand manufacturers decision to launch an AG or not?
Brand manufacturer will reconsider when to launch the AG and only launch after an ANDA is approved: 100%
Brand manufacturer will launch the AG before the ANDA is introduced in the market: 0%
The Act will not impact brand manufacturers’ decisions to launch AGs: 0%
Brand manufacturers will not launch AG’s any longer: 0%

October 2019 Question of the Month

Biosimilars have gotten off to a slow start in the marketplace. What change will most dramatically affect the adoption rate?

PBM Formulary and coverage decisions: 83%

New Legislation: 17%

HHS/CMS Policy Changes: 0%