Poll Results

February 2021 Question of the Month Results

What will be the greatest limitation(s) in the COVID19 vaccine rollout in the US?

Patient ability to navigate the entire process:  26.32%

Patient acceptance of vaccine:  21.05%

Distribution/Administration:  21.05%

Vaccine supply:  15.79%

Procedural differences from state to state:  10.53%

Systems used to set up vaccination appointments:  5.26%

Proper interpretation of the rules for each phase:  0.00%

January 2021 Question of the Month

2022 or later: 62.5%

December 2020 Question of the Month

How will Amazon Pharmacy impact the pharmacy market in the next 5 years?

Competitive force influencing incumbents: 66.7%

Disruptive force: 25%

Market participant, no disruption: 8.3%

No longer participating: 0%

November 2020 Question of the Month

How will hospital and insurance plan price transparency impact patient costs?

Patients won’t notice: 40%

No impact: 20%

Increase patient costs: 20%

Decrease patient costs: 20%

October 2020 Question of the Month

What change do you most expect to see in the 340B program in the next year?

Reduced drug sales at 340B prices: 60%

Legislative changes to 340B program: 20%

HRSA lawsuit challenging 340B sales limitations by manufacturers: 20%

Shifting drug sales to 340B supportive manufacturers: 0%


September 2020 Question of the Month

Many industry conferences have been cancelled or shifted online due to COVID-19. How are you staying connected to industry colleagues?

Scheduling regular calls or online meetings: 54.5%

Participating in virtual conferences: 9.1%

Social media: 9.1%

All of the above: 27.3%

None of the above: 0%

August 2020 Question of the Month

Would you be willing to participate in a Phase 3 trial of a potential Covid-19 vaccine?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

July 2020 Question of the Month

COVID-19 testing by community pharmacists will likely help pave the way for pharmacy provider status under Medicare, what is the expected time-frame?

1 year: 0%

2 years: 75%

3 years: 0%

4 years or more: 25%

Never: 0%

June 2020 Question of the Month

What percent of drug manufacturers will increase production of drug products in the US?

0%: 0%

1-10%: 14%

11-20%: 43%

21-30%: 29%

More than 30%: 14%

May 2020 Question of the Month

When do you feel that a COVID-19 vaccine will become available?

Less than 12 months: 8.3%

12 to 18 months: 66.7%

18 to 24 months: 25.0%

More than 24 months: 0%

Never: 0%