Drug Utilization Edits Presentation by PHSI President Tim Kosty

PHSI President Tim Kosty presented on “Drug Utilization Edits: Failures, Needs, and Future Direction” at the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) 2017 Midyear Conference. Tim’s presentation reviewed a variety of issues, including historical implementation of DUR edits, pharmacy workflow considerations, choices made by pharmacy chain management to display/suppress messages, payers’ choices on DUR messaging in their claims processing systems, legal implications, and future strategies and tactics.

To view a copy of Tim’s presentation slides, click here.

Student Pharmacist Perspective of PHSI Experiential Education

Alex Marshall, a University of Pittsburgh student pharmacist on rotation at PHSI describes some of the types of projects and learning opportunities available to students at PHSI.  Student pharmacists with or without a well-defined career objective can benefit from the experiences during a rotation at PHSI.  Listen to Alex’s commentary to learn more:




A previous student, Rachael Berndt, also provided her tips that could help potential and incoming rotation students gain the most from the experience at PHSI.



Students can learn more about rotations at PHSI here.

Pharmacy Cash Pricing Strategy Podcast

PHSI Consultant Dave Schuetz discusses the importance of a cash pricing strategy for independent pharmacies, even in a time when about 95% of the prescriptions filled are for patients with a prescription insurance benefit. Listen to Dave discuss topics such as pricing objectives and key points to consider when developing a pricing strategy. He also asks the questions you should ask yourself when considering a pricing strategy.

Fall 2012

Holding Gains & Increasing Profits

Listen in as Consultant Michael Bunn discusses brand drug inventory and the new math for holding gains and increasing profits.

PHSI evaluated the financial impact of lowering inventory and found that lower is not always better.

  • Economic downturn has resulted in lower cost of money (i.e. low interest rate and lower returns on investments).
  • Reduced number of small molecule blockbusters from brand manufacturers and the current generic patent cliff has increased the brand inflation rate.
  • With interest or returns on investments at 3-5% and brand price inflation rates of around 9%, there is financial benefit to holding brand inventory on your shelf.
  • Low opportunity cost and high price inflation result in greater holding gains.

We worked through some typical pharmacy numbers. All of these numbers are available here.


A Student’s Commentary of a Rotation at PHSI

Rachel Berndt, a sixth year pharmacy student from Duquesne University provides her commentary on a student rotation at PHSI.

Students can learn more about rotations at PHSI here.

A Discussion on Strategies for Independent Pharmacy

In PHSI’s first podcast, consultant Dave Schuetz  discusses strategies for independent pharmacies as the pharmaceutical industry undergoes some big changes in 2012.  Listen in as Dave touches on topics such as:

    • Ways for an independent pharmacy to differentiate itself
    • Tactics to combat mail-order pharmacy
    • Ideas to help independent community pharmacies become more profitable
    • Impact of the upcoming patent cliff
    • The pending Medco-ESI merger