Safe Needle Disposal Resource provides comprehensive resources for consumers to learn how to safely dispose of used medical sharps (i.e. needles, lancets, auto-injector, infusion sets, etc.). The website provides guidance and regulations on safe needle disposal for each state in the US. An interactive map allows the user to click on their state and review the disposal instructions.  A list of all the places where sharps can be safely disposed is included by state or by zip code search. The location name, address, contact phone number, service area, and if the site provides sharps containers is listed for each location. The information is also available to print.

This website provides a resource center for patients or providers with several quick-reference guides and educational materials about safe disposal of sharps. Resources for businesses include state agency contacts so that businesses and healthcare facilities can learn more about the laws in each state and obtain referrals for medical waste disposal companies in the area. Federal resources listed on this website include links to The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and the Hazardous Materials Regulation laws in the United States.

The website also lists drug specific programs for safe disposal.

The website provides a very nice overview of where to dispose of sharps products as well as several excellent resources for consumers and providers.  Pharmacists can benefit by incorporating the resources into patient awareness and education efforts.  How will you incorporate the safety resources into your processes?


Posted: April 2019

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