Pipeline and New Product Support with Respective Drug Compendia Providers

PHSI subject matter experts evaluate and interpret compendia information during the review of pipeline product draft labels.  This assessment helps to forecast therapeutic categorization and to support product descriptions that adequately fit the limited character spaces in EHRs, pharmacy systems, and payer adjudication systems. While proper compendia listing for client drug products may seem straightforward, the impact of these listings on e-prescribing product selection, payer formulary and coverage, and pharmacy dispensing, is often underestimated. Moreover, many health systems/IDNs are requiring physicians to e-prescribe products by their chemical/generic name. The compendia listing of a new product’s chemical name affects this process.  The importance of proper product listing in the compendia is becoming critical, especially with new product launches.  PHSI supports pharmaceutical manufacturer at any point in the product development process, from clinical trial stages to FDA approval.

Contact PHSI to discuss compendia support for pipeline and new products.


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