PHSI’s David Schuetz Named NCPDP Work Group 2 Product Review & Billing Unit Exception Task Group Co-Lead

PHSI’s Senior Consultant David Schuetz will be an NCPDP WG 2 Product Review & Billing Unit Exception Task Group Co-Lead.

Work Group 2 Product Identification

This work group deals with issues relating to the identification of drugs and health related products within NCPDP’s stated mission. Identification consists of how the product is billed (billing units, package size designations), product identification systems, and any type of descriptive data which serves to uniquely identify a product with the intent to establish standards for product identification such that there is no ambiguity in distinguishing one product from another.

Product Review and Billing Unit Exception Task Group

This task group will review and analyze all drugs that are exceptions to the Billing Unit Standard (BUS) to determine how each should be categorized for billing and document within the BUS. Package Size discrepancies among the compendia will also be addressed. They will request submission of QUIC forms when appropriate and will review all QUIC Forms received prior to the WG meetings.

Dave is one of the numerous volunteers that contribute each year to the development of NCPDP’s standards and provide direction to pharmaceutical manufacturers as they plan to launch new products.  We congratulate him and wish him well in this leadership role.


Posted November 2019

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