Highmark Response to PPA Advocating

This summer, Highmark announced that the vaccine administration fee paid to pharmacies would be cut from $25 to $3.  The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) acted swiftly to address this 88% reduction in payment that could severely impact pharmacies throughout the Commonwealth.  PPA members and staff held a discussion with Highmark to highlight the concerns with such a drastic reduction in payment.  Highmark listened to their concerns, conducted research, and effective September 12, 2016, increased the administration fee they pay to pharmacies for all vaccines to $10.  While still a reduction compared to the earlier payment rate, the increase to $10 helps to account for the time and resources that pharmacies spend to provide vaccines to their patients.  Was Highmark’s response appropriate?  What is a fair administration fee to a pharmacy for providing an immunization?

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