Drug Manufacturer GSK Partners with SmartQuit Smoking Cessation App

As technology continues to improve, many companies are starting to use new tools to give unique patient support. The SmartQuit App, designed by 2morrow Inc., helps patients learn more about their own smoking habits and begin the process of quitting. SmartQuit is the first smoking cessation App proven effective in a clinical trial.  SmartQuit utilizes an Acceptance and Commitment approach and helps patients create a personal quit plan.  The App delivers an 8-day program that is completed prior to the patient’s quit date and then provides them with up to 6 months of additional support.  Patients will be prompted to provide their stress level, time it takes to smoke a cigarette, triggers, concerns about quitting, number of cigarettes smoked daily, price per pack, as well as other information that helps the App tailor suggestions for the patient.  The App works by allowing patients to identify their urge to smoke without acting on it. This adds a mechanism to hold patients accountable while offering an additional support system.

A lite version is free in the App store.  The full program is paid for by some employers, states, and health plans and is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Several employers have implemented a system where employees who smoke and use the SmartQuit App can receive free starter packs of Nicoderm CQ patches.  Pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is providing patches to smokers who have completed 2morrow’s SmartQuit App plan.  Although nicotine replacement therapies are over-the-counter, many insurance plans have programs to help pay for these products through their prescription drug benefit. These programs along with personalized tools like the SmartQuit App give patients more options in smoking cessation resources which increases the likelihood of a successful quit attempt. Mobile technology has become an instrumental part of healthcare. It is not surprising that drug manufacturers like GSK are partnering with App developers to reach patients.

More information on the App can be found at http://www.2morrowinc.com/smartquit/

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