Different Actions Targeting Opioid Abuse and Misuse

There are many different actions taking place to target opioid abuse and misuse.  PHSI regularly posts about the DEA Drug Take Back Days.  Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs enable healthcare providers to monitor patient use of opioids with the goal to reduce deaths due to opioid use.  Changes are being made to make naloxone available without a prescription through standing orders.  Physicians can now treat an increased number of patients with buprenorphine.  Another new solution on the horizon is an opioid deactivation pouch.  This product deactivates opioids by adding the tablets/capsules/liquid/patch, etc. to the pouch and adding water then disposing of the combination in the trash.  This simple process will enable patients and caregivers to safely dispose of opioid medications and provide another option beyond the drug take back programs. What do you think of the deactivation pouch?  In what situation would you think that the pouch would be helpful?


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