Arine’s Virtual Pharmacist Platform Seeks to Decrease Medication Errors

Arine offers a Virtual Pharmacist platform designed to ensure patient safety and reduce human medical error costs. The platform uses a clinical database to continuously identify and resolve drug therapy problems in a patient’s medication therapy regimen. The platform does this by gathering information about the patient, which includes EMR data, lab results, medical and pharmacy claims, quality and risk data, and data obtained from a tailored patient-facing questionnaire. Arine’s Virtual Pharmacist uses the patient information to generate automated medication recommendations based on the latest available clinical guidelines. The medication recommendations are sent out to all providers involved in the patient’s healthcare regimen via their preferred method of communication. The software also provides recommendations on how to lower costs based on a payer’s drug coverage criteria, while reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients. The Virtual Pharmacist checks with the providers to confirm implementation of the recommendations and has the capability to track its own results. The platform uses actual cost and utilization data to demonstrate ROI and measure the clinical and economic impact of the delivered recommendations.

Unlike a traditional pharmacist, the “Virtual Pharmacist” does not work with patients one-on-one.  Instead, Arine targets health systems, and. the Virtual Pharmacist platform allows for the information of thousands of patients to be easily retrieved and reviewed by healthcare professionals, all while continuously monitoring the information with its own clinical database for prescription optimization.

Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) has already partnered with Arine in hopes of improving patient care and decreasing medication costs for their 60,000 members. The partnership provides pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and other care team members access to the Arine software platform. State Medicaid Agencies may also partner with Arine, and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has expanded its medication optimization program in 2019. Clinical pharmacists can use Arine’s platform to improve services to SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) high-risk, high-cost members. Medication errors can cost over $20 billion annually, but hopefully with growing innovative technology like Arine’s Virtual Pharmacist platform, a cost reduction can be realized.


Posted: March 2021

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