Allied Against Opioid Abuse Toolkit

Allied Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA) collaborated with the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and individual state pharmacy associations to develop a collection of resources specific to community pharmacy and their patients. AAOA is a national organization dedicated to increasing education and awareness to prevent abuse and misuse of prescription opioids.

These materials are designed to help pharmacists engage and educate patients and prescribers about safe use, storage, and disposal of prescription opioids. The toolkit can help pharmacists raise awareness among patients and caregivers through patient handouts, engagement guides, tips for talking with patients and caregivers, social graphics, and safe storage and disposal training.

Independent pharmacies in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee who contributed to the development of these resources will receive this toolkit in the mail. Pharmacists in other states can access the materials online here.

The toolkit materials are presented in a very easy-to-read format and would be helpful for patients and caregivers with opioid prescriptions. The AAOA Toolkit serves as a great starting point for pharmacies.  PHSI would like to see information on communicating with patients and caregivers about naloxone availability for appropriate patients.

Educating patients on the rights, risks, and responsibilities associated with prescription opioids is key to solving the opioid crisis.

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