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Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc. (PHSI) consults with pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, retail pharmacy chains, and software companies on strategic business and marketing issues. Consulting projects across these market segments provide PHSI with the latest information on emerging trends as well as new products and services. Our consultants have extensive retail, mail service and managed care experience to create actionable recommendations for our clients’ challenging business issues.

News & Events

Dave Schuetz and Fred Hamlin Attending NCPDP’s November Work Group Meetings

PHSI Director of Business Development Fred Hamlin and PHSI Consultant Dave Schuetz will be attending the NCPDP Joint Technical Work Group Meetings November 2 through November 4, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA.  The Work Group Meetings provide a venue for NCPDP members and industry stakeholders to come together to address issues and create Read More →

PHSI Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHSI Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Pharmacist-led consulting firm reaches milestone during NACDS TSE Pittsburgh, PA, August 4, 2016 – Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (PHSI), a pharmacist-led business consulting firm, will celebrate their 20th anniversary on August 7th, during the NACDS TSE Conference in Boston. Founded in 1996 by President Tim Kosty and Read More →

2016 Summer Newsletter- Pharmacy Pay-for-Performance Networks

The recent push to focus on value-based healthcare through accountable care organizations (ACOs) is changing incentives for physician practices and health care systems. Incentivized care is also now moving into the pharmacy world.  With more focus than ever on managing outcomes, improving adherence, and preventing adverse reactions, pharmacies are becoming contractually responsible for whether or Read More →

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Precision Medicine

What is precision medicine? Precision medicine is a practice of individualizing medical treatment based on a variety of patient-specific characteristics, moving away from treatments based on the “average” patient.  Medical decisions are based on a patient’s genetics, disease characteristics, environment, and lifestyle. Precision medicine vs. patient-centered medicine Patient-centered medicine is the practice of individualizing medical Read More →

Reduced Opioid Manufacturing

The DEA plans to reduce the total opioid production in 2017. Could this be part of the strategy to squeeze the supply of opioid medications in the marketplace? The decrease may vary by product but the overall decline is about 25%.  This change seems large until learning that previous production levels included a 25% buffer to Read More →

Common Ground on Drug Pricing

The following linked article provides viewpoints from many different stakeholders regarding drug pricing.  One of the good discussion points includes that if a manufacturer brings a product to market, Medicaid will pay for it.  Americans drive innovation but just because something is available, does that mean the expectation is that it is covered by health Read More →